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Teaching Energy

Selected materials for developing energy-related teaching content.

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Lectures on Energy Poverty & Vulnerability

Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham) has kindly agreed to share the following materials for use within teaching on energy poverty and vulnerability. Please read the instructions for use file linked below before using this content in your own teaching.

Instructions for Use

Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham)

Video Lecture: Part 1 - From Energy Poverty to Energy Vulnerability
Running Time: 12 Minutes, 15 Seconds

Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham)

Video Lecture: Part 2 - Energy Poverty as a Wicked Problem
Running Time: 6 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham)

Video Lecture: Part 3 - Addressing Energy Poverty from an Interdisciplinary Perspective
Running Time: 12 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham)

Themed Readings

Harriet Thomson (University fo Birmingham)

Lecture Transcripts

Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham)

Recommended Texts

Selected texts on possible approaches to teaching energy issues

Using Action Research to Enhance Learning on End-Use Energy Demand: Lessons from Reflective Practice

Petrova, P., Torres Garcia, M., & Bouzarovski, S. (2017)

Environmental Education Research 23(6) pp. 812-831

Teaching Energy Geographies

2017 Special Issue
Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Teaching Energy Poverty

Radzimski et al. (2016)

Energie und Soziale Ungleichheit pp 699-721

Teaching about Energy: From Everyday to Scientific Understandings

Millar, R. (2014)

School Science Review 354 pp.45-50

Teaching Energy Issues in Geography

Bridge, G. (2012)

Briefing report for the HEA

Building Teacher-Scientist Partnerships: Teaching about Energy Through Inquiry

Caton, E., Brewer, C., & Brown, F. (2010)

School Science and Mathematics 100(1)

Using Art to Teach Energy-Related Social Problems

Hattenhauer D (1983)

Journal of General Education 35(2) pp.89-98

Petro-Pedagogy: Fossil Fuel Interests and the Obstruction of Climate Justice in Public Education

Eaton, E. & Day, N. (2019)

Environmental Education Research 26(4) pp.457-473.

The Oil Industry in Our Schools: From Petro Pete to Science Capital in the Age of Climate Crisis

Stuart Tannock (2020)

Environmental Education Research 26(4) pp.474-490.

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