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Get Involved

There are many great ways to get involved with the EnGRG and you don't have to be a paid member of the RGS to take part. We welcome people from all fields, countries, and backgrounds - all you need is to have an interest in energy and space.

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Step 1: Subscribe to Our Mailing list

Keep up to date with EnGRG activities, promote your work!

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Step 2: Follow Us on Twitter

Hear all the latest EnGRG news!

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Step 3: Come to EnGRG Events

We have loads of free events and seminars across the year. Come meet us and take part!

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Step 4: Join Our Team

Become part of our executive committee. Everyone is welcome and we encourage people to get involved as much or as little as they like!

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Step 5: Join Our Directory of Energy Researchers

Add your LinkedIn profile to our Energy Geographies LinkedIn Directory - A quick and easy way to find energy geographers across the world!

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Step 6: Subscribe to Us on YouTube

Never miss an EnGRG video!

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Step 7: Apply for Our Undergraduate Awards

Each year, we offer a series of awards to recognize excellence in student research. If you think you are eligible, or know someone who is, why not get in touch?


Step 8: Apply for Our Postgraduate Awards

Each year, we offer a series of awards to recognise excellence in postgraduate research. Do you have a great paper? Submit it for consideration!


Step 9: Join the RGS

Become a fully-fledged member of the RGS (not a requirement for participating in EnGRG activities and events). Don't forget to tick the box for EnGRG updates (it gives us money!)


Step 10: Attend the RGS-IBG Annual Conference

The annual conference is a great way to learn about cutting-edge research in the field of energy geographies!


Step 11: Request Session Sponsorship

Have an energy-related session at the RGS Annual Conference? If so, we will sponsor you! Sponsorship helps people find your session and provides free advertising!

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Step 12: Contribute Energy Resources

We are always looking for resources that will have value for students, teachers, and researchers working on energy issues. If you have a suggestion, please let us know!

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