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Introductory Texts

Suggested starting points for thinking about energy geographies.

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Our top picks for getting started with geographical energy research

The Full List

Feldpausch-Parker, A. M. et al. (2022) Routledge Handbook of Energy Democracy

Book: Routledge

Kumar, A., Höffken, J., Pols, A. (2021) 

"Dilemmas of Energy Transitions in the Global South: Balancing Urgency and Justice"

Book: Routledge [Open Access]

Loloum, T., Abram, S. Ostar, N. (2021) "Ethnographies of Power: A Political Anthropology of Energy"

Book: Berghahn [Open Access]

Baka, J. & Vaishnava, S. (2020) "The Evolving Borderland of Energy Geographies"

Journal Article: Geography Compass

Bridge, G. (2018) "The Map is Not the Territory: A Sympathetic Critique of Energy Research’s Spatial Turn"

Journal Article: Energy Research and Social Science

Bridge, G., Barr, S., Bouzarovski, S., Bradshaw, M., Brown, E., Bulkeley, H. & Walker, G. (2018) "Energy and Society: A Critical Perspective"

Book: Routledge     [Note: The Energy Geographies Research Group receives royalties from the sale of this text]

Bouzarovski, S., Pasqualetti, M.J., Castan Broto, V. (2017) "The Routledge Research Companion to Energy Geographies"

Book: Routledge

Solomon, B.D., & Calvert, K. E. (2017) "Handbook on the Geographies of Energy" 

Book: Edward Elgar

Huber, M. (2015) "Theorizing Energy Geographies"

Journal Article: Geography Compass

Calvert, K. (2015) "From ‘Energy Geography’ to Energy Geographies: Perspectives on a Fertile Academic Borderland"

Journal Article: Progress in Human Geography

Pasqualetti, M.J. and Brown, M.A. (2014) "Ancient discipline, modern concern: geographers in the field of energy and society"

Journal Article: Energy Research and Social Science

Sovacool, B. (2013) "The Routledge Handbook of Energy Security"

Book: Routledge

Sovacool, B. (2013) "Energy and Ethics: Justice and the Global Energy Challenge"

Book: Palgrave MacMillan

Bridge, G., Bouzarovski, S., Bradshaw, M., & Eyre, N. (2013) "Geographies of Energy Transition: Space, Place and the Low-Carbon Economy"

Journal Article: Energy Policy

Sawyer, S. & Gomez, E.T. (2012) "The Politics of Resource Extraction: Indigenous Peoples, Multinational Corporations, and the State"

Book: Palgrave MacMillan

Mackay, D. (2009) "Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air"

Book: Cambridge [Open Access]

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