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Research Projects

Research project websites are often a great source of energy resources and updates on cutting edge research. An A-Z list can be found below. Please contact us with further suggestions.

Image by Nicholas Doherty

Catapult Energy Systems

A cross-sector project focused on generating market innovation and opening up new markets to capture the clean growth opportunity.

Website provides reports, policy briefs, comment pieces and guides.


Customer-Led Network Revolution

A major UK research project that sought to establish the optimum mix of technical, social and commercial interventions needed to support the UK's transition to a low carbon economy.

Website provides a range of resources including data files, videos and working papers.


Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions

A large, interdisciplinary research centre that is focused on exploring the changes in demand needed to bring about the transition to a secure and affordable low carbon energy system in the UK.

Website provides papers, reports and blog-post reflections.



Dynamics of Energy, Mobility & Demand

A research project that focused on end use energy demand, recognising that energy is not used for its own sake but as part of accomplishing social practices at home, at work and in moving around.

Website provides a wide range of resources, including videos, podcasts, working papers and thought pieces.


Part of LEEDR: The Low Effort Energy Demand Reduction project

An ethnographic research project that explores how energy and media consumption fit into everyday practices and habits in home life.

Website provides papers, reflections, videos and vignettes from the project’s research.


A research project that tries to better understand the social acceptance of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, including their applications at the European level.

Provides presentations, publications and reports



A research project exploring opportunities to facilitate behavioural change by providing attractive personalized combined knowledge services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle, by ICT-based solutions.

Website provides reports, papers, videos and blog posts.


Residential Electricity Demand: Peaks, Sequences of Activities and Markov Chains


Distributional Effects of Dynamic Pricing for Responsive Electricity Demand

Twin research projects focused on better understanding the constitution of peaks in electricity demand and the extents and ways in which they can be manipulated.

Website provides papers and blog posts.


Smart Energy Research Lab

An organisation that aims to deliver a world-class research portal that will support a multi-disciplinary research programme. The portal will transform UK energy research through the long-term provision of high-quality, high-resolution energy data that will provide a reliable evidence base for intervention, observational and longitudinal studies across the socio-technical spectrum.

Website provides links to data, publications, reports, and blog posts.



Sustainable Social Networking Services for Transport

A large EU project on energy and transport. Aims to motivate more sustainable travel to urban areas, intelligently distribute incentives for sustainable travel, calculate personal mobility patterns, and evaluate methods and impact of measures.

Website provides fact sheets, reports, academic papers, blog posts

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