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Texts on methods for studying energy issues.


Covid-19: Considerations for Research Projects

Open Authorship 2020

Transparency, Reproducibility, and Quality in Research (Presentation)

Hueber, G., Fell, M. & Shipworth, D. (2019)

Special Issue on the Problems of Methods in Climate and Energy Research

Energy Research and Social Science (2018)

Integrating Social Science in Energy Research

Sovacool, B. Ryan, S.E., Stern, P.C., Janda, K., Rochlin, G., Spreng, D., Pasqualetti, M.J., Wilhite, H. & Lutzenhiser, L. (2015)

What are we doing here? Analysing fifteen years of energy scholarship and proposing a social science research agenda

Sovacool, B. (2014)

Diversity: Energy Studies Need Social Science

Sovacool, B. (2014)

The methodologies, geographies, and technologies of energy justice: a systematic and comprehensive review

Jenkins, K. Sovacool, B. Mouter, N. Hacking, N. Burns, M. & McCauley, D. (2021)


Virtual reality methods: a guide for researchers in the social sciences and humanities

Jones, P. & Osborne, T. (2022) - Free Kindle Version

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