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RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2022: Energy Geographies Session Guide

Date Published: August 28th, 2022

Tuesday 30th August 14:40 - 16:20 Energy geographies Room 1 Percy Building - G.10 (In-person only) Session chair: Peter Forman ‘Do you know what’s underneath your feet?’: Social Constructions and Local Understanding & Expertise of the Underground in Proposed Shale Gas Sites in the UK Stacia Ryder1, Jennifer Dickie2, Patrick Devine-Wright1 1University of Exeter, UK. 2University of Stirling, UK Integrating labour and environmental goals in Just Transitions: The Southern European case. Rocío Hiraldo Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain What is in a meter? Visions of smart metering in India’s electricity future Dana Abi Ghanem, Tracey Crosbie Teesside University, UK Wednesday 31st August 11:10 - 12:50 Contested Electric Micromobility Futures Room 1 Henry Daysh Building - G.11 (Hybrid) Session chair Kiron Chatterjee, Tim Jones Exploring perceptions of e-micromobility in Leeds, UK Gemma Bridge Independent public and oral health researcher and Running Mayor of Leeds, UK Naughty Scooter Parking: Do Perceptions Match Reality? Nicholas Klein Cornell AAP, USA The (im-)mobile e-bike: infrastructural components of an emerging micromobility practice Karin Edberg Linköping University, Sweden Scooter Stories: User and non-user experiences of a shared e-scooter trial Monique Taratula-Lyons, William Clayton, Anna Speak, Ian Shergold University of the West of England, Bristol, UK 16:50 - 18:30 Between fires: rethinking our relationship with fire Room 1 Zoom Room 1 (Online-only) Session chair Cathy Smith, Kapil Yadav Discussants: Paul Laris California State University, USA Kayla De Freitas Royal Holloway University of London / Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society, UK Christine Eriksen Centre for Security Studies, ETH Zürich, Switzerland Rachel Carmenta University of East Anglia, UK Iokiñe Rodríguez Fernandez University of East Anglia, UK Thursday 1st September

11:10 - 12:50 Geographies of the Domestic Energy Hydrogen Transition Room 1 Henry Daysh Building - 6.02 (In-person only) Session chair Zoe Robinson Hydrogen transitions, fuel poverty, and geographical research in the UK (and beyond) Matthew Scott National Energy Action, UK How the energy trilemma affects public acceptance of hydrogen Fiona Fylan Leeds Beckett University, UK Mapping the Emergence of a Northern System of Hydrogen Provision in Teesside Gareth Powells Newcastle University, UK Consumer perceptions of blended hydrogen from live domestic trials Zoe Robinson1, Maddy Thompson1, Adam Peacock2, Phil Catney1 1Keele University, UK. 2Exeter University, UK Hydrogen and CCUS infrastructure development in the UK: the social acceptance of the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan James Van Alstine1, Imogen Rattle1, Claire Bastin1, Fiona Fylan2 1University of Leeds, UK. 2Leeds Beckett University, UK Hydrogen Risk Societies Peter J Forman Department of Geography, Northumbria University, UK 14:40 - 16:20 Recovering from ‘Carbon-Democracies’? Everyday Practices of Future-Making confronting Climate Change (1) Room 1 Percy Building - G.05 (In-person only) Session chair Felix Schiedlowski, Amy Walker The return of the modernization narrative and a seemingly inevitable future for the Atewa Forest Reserve? – Uncovering future-making practices, discursive power, and counter-reactions. Sebastian Purwins University of Augsburg, Germany On Disruption, Disengagement, and Failure: Rethinking Energy Transitions Beyond Recovery, Creativity, and Hope Julia Friederike Pank University of Oxford, UK Coal and a Grassroots Environmental Movement in North-East Poland Magdalena Dabkowska Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany Rhythm-energies remade, reconnected and recovered: engaging rhythmanalysis with low carbon futures Gordon Walker Lancaster University, UK 16:50 - 18:30 Recovering from ‘Carbon-Democracies’? Everyday Practices of Future-Making confronting Climate Change (2) Room 1 Percy Building - G.05 (In-person only) Session chair Felix Schiedlowski From carbon democracy to climate democracies: Profligate utterances and contested visions of democracy at COP26 Alexa Waud Democratic Society, UK Distributed environmental responsibility: intergenerational deliberations on good citizenship in a climate changing world Ellen van Holstein RMIT, Australia. University of Melbourne, Australia The role of orientation in community-based energy Gerald Taylor-Aiken1, Ankit Kumar2 1LISER, Luxembourg. 2Sheffield University, UK Decarbonizing mobility- the making and unmaking of (un)equal futures Julia Kühl University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany Friday 2nd September 14:40 - 16:20 Geographies of Subterranean Energy Futures (1): Critical and situated approaches to conceptualising the underground Room 1 Henry Daysh Building - G.13 (Hybrid) Session chair Melanie Rohse People-place relationships in geothermal project development teams' approaches to engagement Thomas Hambley Anglia Ruskin University, UK Assemblages Out of Steam: Towards a Research Agenda for Geothermal Energy as a Socio-Technical Assemblage Rozanne Spijkerboer1, Ethemcan Turhan1, Andreas Roos2, Jose Opazo3, Marco Billi4, Sofia Vargas-Payera4, Marco Armiero2 1University of Groningen, Netherlands. 2KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. 3Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile. 4Universidad de Chile, Chile Science, Society and the Subterranean: On the Political Geology of Nuclear Waste Disposal in Switzerland Rony Emmenegger University of Basel, Switzerland Subterranean Wasteworlds: Carbon Control and the rise of ‘clean oil’ Pauline Destrée University of St Andrews, UK Fossilized futures? Uncovering past materialities and imaginaries of oil and gas in the UK Naima Kraushaar-Friesen1, Magdalena Kuchler1, Gavin Bridge2 1Uppsala University, Sweden. 2Durham Univeristy, UK Unearthing the Underground Imaginaries of (Post)Industrial Places Erin Roberts Cardiff University, UK 16:50 - 18:30 Geographies of Subterranean Energy Futures (2): perceptions and policy for subsurface interventions Room 1 Henry Daysh Building - G.13 (Hybrid) Session chair Stacia Ryder International experience of policy, regulatory and societal aspects of deploying aquifer thermal energy storage Richard Hanna, Lorenzo Di Lucia, Yiannis Kountouris Imperial College London, UK Exploring perception spillover: fracking controversy impacts public perceptions of other underground technologies Emily Cox1,2, Steve Westlake1, Conor John1 1Cardiff University, UK. 2Oxford University, UK Utilising geothermal energy to decarbonise heat networks in the UK: the opportunity for mine water heat in Yorkshire James van Alstine, Emma Bramham, Angus Naylor, Simon Oldfield, Nick Shaw University of Leeds, UK Public engagements with induced seismicity: lessons for geothermal energy in the UK’s net-zero transition Owen King University of Birmingham, UK Understanding Underground Energy & Seismicity in the UK: Place, Risk Perception & Regulation of the Subsurface Jen Dickie1, Phil Bartie2, Mel Rohse3, Stacia Ryder4 1University of Stirling, UK. 2Heriot-Watt University, UK. 3Anglia Ruskin University, UK. 4University of Exeter, UK The MOF4AIR European project: A transnational examination of the determinants of social acceptance of CO2 capture, transport and storage infrastructure Spyridon Karytsas, Olympia Polyzou, Constantine Karytsas Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Greece



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