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Energy Geographies

6th - 7th July
University of Manchester & Online



Joe Lawley (Leeds University)

Ami Crowther (University of Manchester)

Yue Guo (Chinese Academy of Sciences | University of Warwick)

Kate Scott (University of Manchester)

Event Details:

On the 6th - 7th July 2022, the Energy Geographies Research Group is hosting a methods workshop for Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers whose research is associated with energy and space. The event will be conducted both online and in-person, and will be hosted by the University of Manchester.

The workshop will be of relevance to researchers at all stages of the PhD and beyond – from those just developing their methodologies, to those analyzing their data and writing up.

The event will be split into two days, each respectively focused on qualitative and quantitative methods. Both days will feature a series of keynotes, seminars, and group activities through which participants and speakers will share traditional and innovative research methodologies relevant to studying geographical energy issues, as well as exchanging their experiences of conducting energy-related fieldwork.

During the workshop, participants will be encouraged to discuss the methodological challenges they are grappling with in their own research, and to collectively brainstorm possible solutions to these challenges.

Day 1

Main focuses: Ethnography, Creative Methods, Digital Methods, Archival Research

Day 2

Main focuses: Modelling, Spatial Methods (GIS, Remote Sensing, Participatory Mapping)


Please register to attend the workshop by using the link below. On the sign-up sheet, you will be asked to indicate your method(s) of interest so that we can best tailor the event to the interests of our participants.

Register here:  

The deadline for registering is Wednesday 8th June.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at:

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